2018 Council

Vote Bill Manners

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Economic Development

Bill Manners is truly passionate about economic development.  It affects people all over Nanaimo. People deserve jobs that lift them above the poverty level. No one wants to have to work 2 or 3 jobs just to survive. We don't want our younger generation to have to look elsewhere for work. Bill believes it is time to let the world know that Nanaimo is open for business. We have an educated and engaged workforce that is eager for better opportunities.

Community Engagement

Someone once said, "Listen to the people who complain if you want to improve your business. People complain because they care.  If they didn't care, they would just walk away." The people of Nanaimo have been complaining very loudly for the past few years. It's great to have such an engaged community. Now if our councillors would only listen...  Listening to the community is what Bill Manners is all about. That's why he joined the Community Engagement Task Force. Bill believes it's time that the citizens of Nanaimo have a greater say in the decisions Council makes on their behalf.

Core Review Implementation

The City of Nanaimo spent a great deal of money in getting the Core Review done. Why exactly? Right now, it's just sitting there and no one is doing anything about it. The Core Review contains valuable information needed to run our city more efficiently as our population grows and will soon exceed 100,000.  Bill Manners is pushing for these changes, and is doing everything he can to see a brighter future for our amazing city.

Getting Back to the Basics

The basis of good governance is the understanding that city council is to work for the betterment of the residents. This is paramount. We need to move ahead into the next phase of our city passing the 100,000 population mark, by having a council that cohesively looks forward. Rather than plan large projects, the money needs to be spent on refocusing on the city staffing pool and resources. That is what builds communities.