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The Campaign Kicks Off!

On August 24, 2018, Bill Manners kicked off his election campaign for Nanaimo City Council.  The date of his announcement was a very important one to him.

Seven years previously, Bill was at his former job, driving taxi, when he was held up at knife point by two juvenile offenders.  As a result, Bill suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and as a result was no longer able to do the work that he loved.  He and I lost everything we've worked for.

Working as a taxi driver, Bill had a unique opportunity to talk to all sorts of people from Nanaimo and elsewhere.  More importantly, he listened to their stories.  Through the years he learned many fascinating tidbits about the history of Nanaimo and the people who built up this great city.  During Bill's recovery period, he took those stories he'd heard and connected the people in a Facebook group called, You Know You're From Nanaimo When.  In a fast-changing digital world, online communities tend to come and go very quickly, or the conversation turns to trolling and non-stop advertising.  Bill took control and with a dedicated group of moderators, You Know You're From Nanaimo When is still thriving with over 15,000 members.

During his recovery period, Bill found time to become more involved in the local political scene.  When the Uplands Walk was proposed for the Dover Community, Bill enthusiastically threw in his support for the project.  He became part of the Dover Community Association where he remains as a director to this day and is always willing to act as a liaison between the residents of Dover and City Council.  In late 2016, when our City Council proposed building an Event Centre on 1 Port Drive with our tax dollars and a risky-sounding borrowing plan, Bill went before Council to ask for a referendum on the spending.  When that was approved, Bill put together a group of volunteers and created the NoVote2017 Society.  Through their hard work and perseverance, 80.3% of voters chose to reject the plan to build the Event Centre.

Following that success, Bill volunteered to become Spokesperson for the Community Engagement Task Force.  The Community Engagement Task Force was created by Nanaimo City Council to further community engagement and public conversation outside the formal framework of city council meetings. 

Communication is a subject very near and dear to Bill's heart, as he also volunteers with the Coast Emergency Communication Association (CECA).  For those who don't know what CECA is, it's a group of amateur radio enthusiasts who are willing to help provide communications continuity in the event of a natural disaster where cell towers and landlines may be damaged or destroyed so that relief can be provided to those who need assistance.

Through his life, Bill's quick and inquisitive mind has led him in many directions.  He's been a truss designer, he's owned a newspaper, he's been a professional photographer and the regional manager for a large chain of photography stores.  His many years of working in the transportation industry driving taxis, limos and buses have given him a unique understanding of Nanaimo's transportation infrastructure and he has many ideas for it's improvement.

My husband, Bill Manners has lived for many years in Nanaimo and loves this city tremendously.  I am very proud of him for stepping forward to serve this city and to help lead it through the next four years.  I'm also very proud of him for taking a negative anniversary day and working to recreate it into a positive memory for us.  We're both looking forward towards an exciting campaign!

Niki Kudaka

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