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Endorsement from Chris Novak

I posted the following a couple of weeks ago elsewhere on FB, but in hindsight I should have posted it here.

I was able to have a coffee at Timmie's with Bill yesterday, we talked at length about his planks and platform for the upcoming election. While everyone running is likely to say many similar things on their web sites I am impressed that Bill really has a great depth of detail in his vision for Nanaimo for the next few years. It’s not just talk it’s thoroughly researched ideas and opinions that he can back up with data.
He knows the the legalities of council, the process of council and is a very respectful individual who will serve us well. What impressed me most though is Bill’s desire to improve communications between the general public and council as well as the city staff and council to relieve many of the stresses we have experienced in the past. As Bill said “good communications is a continuous every day process, not just at committee meetings or council meeting, and the questions brought by the public must be answered not ignored as they have been in the past”. (I can certainly vouch for that).
Bills passion for Nanaimo and knowledge of this city plus the endless volunteer work he has been involved with make him an outstanding individual who will give 100% to making Nanaimo great again. Please give Bill your vote for council.

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