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Tourism and Downtown Revitalization

Nanaimo is not a tourist destination.  Nanaimo is a city that tourists speed through on the way to their destinations.  Tourists get off the ferry and go to Cathedral Grove, or Milner Gardens, or Rathtrevor Park, or Tigh-Na-Mara, or Tofino. As a councillor, I would like to grab some of those tourist…

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Accessibility in Nanaimo

Disability is something that can happen to any of us at any time.

When I was in my teens, I was employed in an extremely loud work environment without being given hearing protection. As a result, I lost much of my hearing and have had to rely on hearing aids for most of my adult life.

Most people …

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Nanaimo and the Tech Sector

Hey, did you see the story on CHEK?  The one about Victoria's expanding tech sector?  Greater Victoria's growing tech sector has economic impact of over $5 billion, study says.  Great story!  Way to go Victoria!

But did you ask yourself, 'Why couldn't that be Nanaimo?'

It could be.  But there'…

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Endorsement from Chris Novak

I posted the following a couple of weeks ago elsewhere on FB, but in hindsight I should have posted it here.

I was able to have a …

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Waterfront Walkway

Without doubt, the jewel of Nanaimo is our waterfront walkway.  It offers sweeping vistas of the harbour, the Coastal Mountains, and various islands along the way.  The expansion of the walkway is something I would like to see completed during my term as councillor.  Being able to walk or cycle from…

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Better Walking and Cycling in Nanaimo

Pedestrians and cyclists have it tough in Nanaimo.  Sure, there's infrastructure built for them - sidewalks and bike lanes - but there certainly isn't enough of either!  Quite often sidewalks and bike lanes end abruptly, leaving the pedestrian or cyclist hanging.  Sidewalks end in an overgrown dirt …

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A New Idea for Nanaimo Transit

I want the City of Nanaimo to work with the Regional District of Nanaimo to improve our transit service.

What irks you most about Nanaimo transit?

Is it the distance from your home to the nearest bus stop?

Is it the time you have to wait between buses?

Is it the fact that it's faster to walk to …

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Why we have so many homeless people in Nanaimo

This past year, the issue of homelessness in Nanaimo has hit the news in a big way.  But the problem has been a long time in the making.  Why do we have issues with homelessness in Nanaimo?

  1. Years of economic neglect by previous city councils: 
    1. The Economic Development office has not b…

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Moving our Economy Forward

I believe that an effective Economic Development Office is critical to the future of Nanaimo.  We need to bring jobs to our city that pay better than minimum, or near-minimum, wage.  We need our people working in full-time jobs, not trying to juggle two or three part-time jobs.  We need jobs that pr…

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The role of Councillor and my qualifications

A councillor should have a genuine interest in serving and being responsible to all citizens of Nanaimo. A successful candidate must have significant knowledge and dedication. A councillor must understand the budget process, how it affects the city population, and be able to communicate the goals of…

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Bill Manners vision for Nanaimo


A top priority for me is for Nanaimo to get back to the basics of good governance.  My prime goal is to work with the new mayor and council to rebuild a solid working relationship between the City Council and City Staff.  We also need to build up trust between the City Counc…

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Communication is the cornerstone of human civilization.  Without communication, there is no co-operation.  And without co-operation, you can't have most of the things we take for granted in our modern lives.  And without communication and co-operation, you certainly can't build and run a city like N…

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The Campaign Kicks Off!

On August 24, 2018, Bill Manners kicked off his election campaign for Nanaimo City Council.  The date of his announcement was a very important one to him.

Seven years previously, Bill was at his former job, driving taxi, when he was held up at knife point by two juvenile offenders.  As a result,…

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