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Moving our Economy Forward

I believe that an effective Economic Development Office is critical to the future of Nanaimo.  We need to bring jobs to our city that pay better than minimum, or near-minimum, wage.  We need our people working in full-time jobs, not trying to juggle two or three part-time jobs.  We need jobs that pr…

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The role of Councillor and my qualifications

A councillor should have a genuine interest in serving and being responsible to all citizens of Nanaimo. A successful candidate must have significant knowledge and dedication. A councillor must understand the budget process, how it affects the city population, and be able to communicate the goals of…

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Bill Manners vision for Nanaimo


A top priority for me is for Nanaimo to get back to the basics of good governance.  My prime goal is to work with the new mayor and council to rebuild a solid working relationship between the City Council and City Staff.  We also need to build up trust between the City Counc…

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