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A segment of my life in Nanaimo 1983-2011

When I started with Toastmasters in 1983 I had been involved in teaching youth leadership to local 4H clubs. I also instructed at Vancouver Island University a course in Public Speaking for those working on their Certified General Accounting degree. We also instructed Miss Nanaimo contestants in the art of public speaking. I reached the Able Toastmaster designation in December 1985 having to wait until I fulfilled the two-year time frame. I attended many workshops and symposiums and helped develop strategies used for the creation Expo 86 Speakers Bureau (The bureau spoke at schools and other places throughout British Columbia to encourage visits to Expo during the fair).

In 1984 I started work at Sooter Studios as an Area Manager trainee and over the following three years worked up past Area, District and Division managers until I reached Regional Sales and Promotions Manager for the Pacific Region (54 stores). This involved working with all levels down to store managers and employees and ensuring they knew how to sell and promote their stores and also was involved in teaching at seminars and meetings the benefits of being a part of the Sooter family and the practices that company President John Krenz demanded of his partners.

Upon leaving Sooters, I worked with another Regional Manager and we developed a business called Image Creations which involved doing portrait photography throughout the entire province. We had teams that we created and worked with that did business in each of the following areas; Northern BC (everything north of Clinton BC); Okanogan/Kootenay Regions; The ower Mainland and Vancouver Island (including the Sunshine Coast). The sickness and death of my business partner resulted in the ending of that project.

I followed this by going back into the passenger transportation business working with companies including, Excalibur Limousines, Classic Limousines and Nanaimo Airporter/Limousines. In both of these except Classic Limousines I did training of new employees and hiring at Excalibur Limousines as well as managing the office we had on Bowen Road.

When I started with AC Taxi in October 1997, I soon got involved in driver training and then the development of a taxi driver manual for the entire city of Nanaimo.

I had stopped doing the main training of drivers shortly before the robbery incident which led to me leaving the taxi industry.

About Bill Manners

Bill Manners has lived in Nanaimo since 1970. Since then, he's watched this city change and grow. For him, Nanaimo is not only a place to call home, but it's a place of tremendous potential. As a candidate for City Council, Bill would like to help Nanaimo achieve that potential as our city's population approaches the 100,000 mark.

What Can Bill Manners Do for Nanaimo?

Bill believes that it's time to get back to the basics of good government here in Nanaimo. He believes in listening to the voice of the people and treating them with respect. He wants to implement recommended changes in the core review to help our city grow effectively and efficiently. And he wants to pursue economic opportunities for the city so that people can thrive financially and personally.

Why is Bill Manners the Right Person for the Job?

Bill understands Nanaimo, it's history and it's people. He's been volunteering his time to the community for decades. He has been involved with local politics as a community member and as a volunteer and has taken the time to learn how city governance works.

Where do I Know Bill Manners from?

  • Spokesperson: Community Engagement Task Force - Link
  • Administrator/Historian: Facebook group You Know You're from Nanaimo when
  • Chair: NoVote2017 Society 
  • Originating Team: Nanaimo and Region Independent Living Resource Centre
  • Volunteer: Coast Emergency Communication Association - Link
  • Director: Nanaimo Amateur Radio Association - Link
  • Interviewer/Volunteer: Seniors Advocate of BC - Link
  • Director: Dover Community Association - Link