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Thanks to those who supported me.

Thanks to all who voted for me. I appreciate it beyond your imagination.

I am going to continue to be a voice for the public. Let me know if I can help you.

We got a new council consisting of a new mayor, six new councillors and two incumbents. It is going to be interesting.

Wish I had been a part of the new team.

Please Vote

Well, here we are in the final hour of what has been an exhausting, yet exciting election campaign.  My job is done.  Tomorrow, it's your turn.

You have some big decisions ahead of you. It isn't easy.  There are a lot of candidates to choose from and a lot of issues on the table.

Just some things to keep in mind:

City Council exists to serve you, the residents of Nanaimo. They will be working with your money, whether it comes directly from you as property taxes and user fees, or indirectly from you through your rents, or from provincial or federal monies (which are also your tax dollars).  That money is pooled together so that ALL residents of Nanaimo can enjoy services and amenities that would be difficult for them to obtain as individuals.

City Council exists to be good stewards of public assets.  Your assets.  Roads and bridges, parks and playgrounds, sewers and even garbage trucks have been bought and paid for with your money.

City Council exists to ensure that community services are delivered in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner.  

City Council must ensure that not only present day situations are looked after, but the future well-being of this city and its residents will not be compromised.  Plans must be made to allow for growth, future technology, and the changing needs of Nanaimo residents.

The loss of so many talented city staff in recent years has left an operational vacuum.  Services are not being delivered, there is too much red tape, it takes too long to get things done, and bylaws are not being enforced.  The new City Council will have a huge job ahead of them to get this city functioning smoothly again.

So, please think long and hard about your choices.  Our city needs the best people to make the right decisions to take care of our people now and to move us into the future.

As the election period comes to a close and voting day arises in under an hour, you may be asking, why vote for Bill Manners?

This is what I believe will help make Nanaimo a better place for all residents:

Economic Development​
•Rebuild economic development office by hiring more staff
•Work to attract high-paying jobs to Nanaimo to enable residents to be able to afford to purchase homes and land

City Hall
•Make sure a new CAO and CFO are hired who will be fiscally responsible towards the residents of Nanaimo
•Create a better working atmosphere at City Hall so we don’t keep losing talented staff members
•Work together with other councillors and mayor to ensure council sessions are more collaborative and productive

•Improve communication between Councillors and residents
•Improve transparency, keeping residents in the loop about decisions that affect them

•Increase the density of our urban neighbourhoods and create neighbourhood nodes to create a more walkable city
•Improve the walking and cycling infrastructure throughout the city
•Improve accessibility to city services and amenities for disabled residents

Public Transportation
•Work with the RDN on improving bus routes, timing and bus 
stop locations
•No more parking variances for developers until we have a public transportation system that works for residents

•Working with the Province, the Federal Government, Vancouver Island Health Authority, and other service providers to improve conditions for homeless persons in Nanaimo
•Consulting with neighbourhoods and working with residents to make sure everyone can live together safely

•Improving the waterfront walkway as it extends towards Departure Bay
•Creating a Granville-Island style marketplace on 1 Port Drive
•Improving downtown plazas to make them more vibrant and inviting.


Bill Manners for Councillor -

Thank You!

Bill Manners checks his notes while onstage at the Candidates Debate at VICC on Monday, October 15, 2018,Thanks!

Thanks to the organizers, participants and all who attended last night's Candidates Debate held at Vancouver Island Conference Centre.  It was great to have the opportunity to discuss my views on fiscal responsibility, as well as to listen to the other select candidates express their views on the various topics which they debated. 

It is a huge responsibility to elect people to manage your hard-earned tax dollars, and make the best decisions for the city on your behalf for the next four years.  I observed a lot of people making notes, using spreadsheets, and the Nanaimo News Bulletin election pull out to help them make their choices.  Seeing so many people in attendance and engaged with the process makes me believe that the future of Nanaimo is in good hands.  I know many more people watched the live stream of the debate online as well. 

I just want to say thank you to all those who are thinking long and hard about their choices for Nanaimo's next Mayor, Council and School Board.  Thank you to all those who have already voted in advance polls, and those who will be voting in the final advance poll on Wednesday, or on election day, October 20.  I hope you've made me one of your choices.  As a councillor, I will make sure your voice is strongly represented at the decision making table.  Vote Bill Manners!



Candidates Debate

Join us at the Candidates Debate on Monday, October 15, 6 - 9 pm.

Bill Manners is one of the 25 candidates selected to join in the Candidates Debate hosted by the Greater Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce and OurNanaimo.  The Debate will be held at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, 101 Gordon St.

Candidates have been assigned to groups of five for the debate.  Each group will be assigned one of five questions which will be determined by lottery prior to the debate.  The group that Bill has been assigned to also includes: Sheryl Armstrong*, Tyler Brown, Gary Korpan, and Peter Urquhart. 

The themes for the various debate topics will include:

  1. Internal Collaberation - Critical thinking, decision making
  2. Urban Planing: Livable city, transportation, walkability, community planning
  3. Current Issue - Crisis management, strategic thinking (homelessness)
  4. Fiscal resource management - Taxes, budgets, asset management
  5. Regional District of Nanaimo - Dual governance role, regional development

Should be an exciting and informative evening!  Hope to see you there!

*Note - Sheryl Armstrong has indicated that she will not be attending the Candidates Debate as Monday is a City Council night, and the last Council meeting before the election.


All Candidates Fair

Join us at the All Candidates Fair October 9, 2018

The All Candidates Fair will be held tonight, October 9, from 6:00 pm to 7:45 pm at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre.  Meet the candidates who are running for mayor, council and school trustee positions in Nanaimo.  Bring your list of questions, concerns or ideas for Nanaimo's future.  Bill Manners is looking forward to answering your questions.  See you tonight! 


You ask - I answer!

You Asked is a new page I have added to this website in response to the steady of stream of questions that have been appearing in my inbox from the general public.  In the interests of being open and transparent, I believe that everyone should see these questions and my answers to them.

Please keep in mind that I'm a working stiff as are many of you, plus I do have volunteer commitments in the community, so your questions might not get answered right away.  Additionally, some of the questions I've received are quite involved, and I would like the time to make thoughtful, informed replies in order to answer your answers clearly and to the best of my ability.  But I do intend to answer all your questions as soon as I possibly can.

Keep those questions coming!  I am enjoying the opportunity to communicate with all of you, and some of you are making me think in some new directions and giving me exciting ideas to bring to the council table.

Bookmark the You Asked page and check back often.  Perhaps the question you want to know the answer to has already been asked!

Thank You!

Bill Manners

Bill Manners Files Nomination Papers

It's Official!

This morning, September 14, 2018, Bill Manners filed his nomination documents at City Hall.  The race is on!  With a total of 40 candidates who have officially filed, the field is a crowded one.  We're going to have lots of hard work ahead of us, but Bill believes in Nanaimo and wants to help this city achieve its potential by getting City Council back to the basics of good governance, fiscal responsibility and respect.  He's looking forward to talking to voters and participating in the upcoming candidates debates.  

If you have any questions or concerns for Bill Manners, or if you would like to contribute to his campaign, please contact him at

The next general election is October 20, 2018.  Nanaimo voters will elect one mayor, eight councillors, and nine school trustees for School District 68.  The first advance voting opportunity is Wednesday, October 10, 2018, and the second advance voting opportunity is Wednesday, October 17, 2018.  Qualified voters also have the option of a Mail Ballot if they are physically unable to vote in person.  For more information about Mail Ballots, visit Mail Ballot Voting 2018.

For more information about Bill Manners and his campaign, please explore this website, check out Bill's Facebook page, or contact Bill through email.  Come back often as more information will be added to this site about Bill's platform on a regular basis.  And remember, don't forget to vote!

NEWS BULLETIN : BIll Manners announces Nanaimo Council Campaign

Community engagement task force member trying for a council seat

  • Sep. 9, 2018 8:04 p.m.                      


Bill Manners Declares Candidacy

Nanaimo, British Columbia, August 24, 2018:  Bill Manners, a spokesperson for the Community Engagement Taskforce, and Chair of the Dover Community Association is announcing his candidacy in the October 20, 2018, Nanaimo Municipal Election for the role of Councillor.

"The next four years will bring us a unified waterfront walkway and the development of 1 Port Drive into a tourism driven destination.  A positive future with Economic Development will help us create jobs for those who reside in our amazing city. We need to get back to the basics of building a solid, sincere team at City Hall to move beyond 2020. To that end, I will serve the people of Nanaimo with dedication, respect, and attentiveness to the needs and desires of this community.

With Nanaimo soon to pass the 100,000 population mark, my vision is for City Council to work with all levels of government to solve the current issue of homelessness, and plan for Nanaimo's future needs."

On October 20, 2018, vote Bill Manners for Councillor.


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